Eradicating Bible Poverty

By 2033, every tongue, tribe and nation will have access to God's Word and its life-changing hope.

761,095 Remaining Chapters
Gaspar weeping when he received his first Bible after 40 years of translation.

Gaspar weeping when he received his first Bible after 40 years of translation.

God's Word Changes Everything

The Goal: For All to Have Access

ETEN is a collective impact alliance of Bible translation partners and resource partners working together to see all people gain access to God’s Word in a language they can clearly understand by 2033.

Principal Implementing Partners


Collective Impact Alliance

Generosity, humility, and integrity create unity of vision, mission, and purpose.

Shared strategy, technology, training, operating principles, and funding work together to accelerate the process of better quality, faster, and cheaper Scripture translation like never before. ETEN envisions all people having access to God’s Word by 2033. We refer to this objective as the All Access Goals.

  • 95% of the global population will have access to a Full Bible
  • 99.96% of the global population will have access to a New Testament
  • 100% of the world’s population will have access to at least some portion of Scripture
  • Access to a second translation will be available in the world’s most strategic 100 written languages

Translation Prayer

We believe prayer is essential for eradicating Bible poverty.

The task of eradicating Bible poverty is not something that can be done with human effort alone—divine intervention is needed. The following prayer, from Scripture, guides the hearts of those working toward this mission. It is ETEN’s hope that this prayer would be prayed by people around the world who seek to bring the Bible to a world that needs the gospel.

Our Prayer

God, your Word is more precious than all that I possess (Psalm 19:10)
Your Scripture gives light to my path and directs my steps (Psalm 119:105)
Through your will alone lives are transformed and minds made new (Romans 12:2)
So I now pray for all people that do not yet know you (1 Timothy 2:1-6)
For you’ve promised that your voice by every tribe and nation will be heard (Revelation 7:9)
So equip us by your breath to provide every heart language with your Word (2 Timothy 3:15-17)

Help Us Reach Every Tongue, Tribe and Nation

Together, we will take God's Word to the world.