Who We Are

Our Collective Purpose

Our purpose as a collective impact alliance is partnering to provide God’s Word in everyone’s heart language in a format they can engage with, so their lives may be transformed.
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Our Vision

God’s Word accessible to all people by 2033.
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Collective Impact Alliance Leadership

Leading the charge to get God’s Word to every person on earth.

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Our Partners

ETEN partner organizations have demonstrated unprecedented unity in driving toward the “All Access” goal.

Together, the partnering organizations in the collective impact alliance of ETEN have created a shared repository for digital and audio texts, adopted a common framework for the task of Bible translation, and are developing a comprehensive ecosystem of tools and information. The resource partners have been the catalysts who have brought this vision to life. These founding investors have provided funding to participating Bible translation organizations for translation and translation tools. The Steering Committee, which includes CEOs from each of the eleven implementing partners and the five resource partners, leads the ETEN alliance by providing strategic guidance.

Defining the Goal

In a broad sense, ETEN’s desire is for every person on earth to have access to all of Scripture in their heart language, and to do so with a translation that is up-to-date—this encompasses all Bible translation work happening worldwide. ETEN refers to this as its “Every Verse Current” goal. It includes translation work that will continue long after 2033. Within the “Every Verse Current” goal is the more limited role that ETEN has assumed, the “All Access” goal that everyone would have some Scripture.

  • 95% of the global population will have access to a Full Bible (languages with greater than 500,000 speakers)
  • 99.96% of the global population will have access to a New Testament (languages with greater than 5,000 speakers and less than 500,000 speakers)
  • 100% of the world’s population will have access to at least some portion of Scripture (portion estimated as 25 chapters in languages with less than 5,000 speakers)
  • Access to a second translation will be available in the world’s most strategic 100 written languages; which is estimated to include critical revisions completed in 26 of these languages
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Excellent quality is a non-negotiable.

For ETEN to accomplish its goals, Steering Committee members believe translation can occur “with better quality, faster, and cheaper.” ETEN seeks to find innovative ways to accelerate translation processes, whether through technology or human capital, to remove obstacles and/or speed up the process.

ETEN is aware that “faster” involves at least three elements:

  1. Completing translation projects in less time without compromising quality
  2. Facilitating access to Scripture portions prior to completion of an entire project (e.g., stories prior to a whole gospel, or the JESUS Film prior to a whole New Testament)
  3. Increasing the rate at which new translation projects are started and finished